Our Story

Vanessa CasselsAs partners, Vanessa and I bring some surprising diversity to In Season.  Both avid home preservers and local food advocates, we differ in what and how we preserve.  Ness loves to preserve james, jellies, and all things sweet, usually using home canning.  My own tastes run in the opposite direction – fermenting, canning savory dishes, and home brewing.

Why In Season?

We love home canning, and wanted to make it easier to access larger quantities of fresh, locally-grown produce in season.

1. Wholesale Prices

Home canning should cost less than store-bought – not more! We find great deals on fresh produce, and pass on the savings to you.

2. Support local farmers

Preserving local foods supports local farmers – its a better choice environmentally, economically, and socially.

3. On your schedule

We deliver early morning, so you wake up to fresh produce, and can try new recipes on your schedule.

Our Commitment

In Season was started to serve a simple goal – to connect people who love local foods with the people who grow them. In doing so, we commit to –

  • support local farmers – by making it easy for them to work with us, and helping them sell their produce at its peak.
  • practice co-opetition – we love to share the awesome things other local food producers and distributors are doing.
  • be secure – our online store is secure and safe to use.
  • be informative – we’re putting together regular blog posts and online content, to spread the word and support our customers.
  • be simple – we want the experience of buying from In Season to be simple. Let us know what you think.