101 Ways to Preserve Asparagus


Asparagus is one of our favorite vegetables, and one of the first to arrive each spring.  Although you might not think of preserving it, asparagus is versatile, and preserving it in the spring means you can enjoy it all year round.

We’ve compiled recipes for canning, pickling, freezing, dehydrating, and even fermenting asparagus – let us know what we missed in the comments!

Pickling Asparagus

Detailed Instructions for Pickling Asparagus from one of our favourite blogs, wellpreserved.ca.

Dilled Asparagus from Bernardin uses 5lbs aspargus to produce 3L of canned pickled asparagus.

Sweet Pickled Asparagus from Allrecipes.ca uses 30 asparagus spears.

Dilled Asparagus with detailed instructions uses 10lb asparagus to produce 6 pint jars of pickled asparagus from pickyourown.org.

Canning Asparagus

Canning vegetables usually requires a pressure canner.

Pressure Canned Asparagus instructions from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Canned Asparagus from Bernardin uses 3.5lbs of asparagus to produce 1L of canned asparagus preserved in its cooking liquid.

Fermented Asparagus

Lacto-fermented Asparagus uses any amount of asparagus to produce lacto-fermented pickled asparagus, from Heartland Renaissance.

Naturally Pickled (fermented) Asparagus with Garlic uses any amount of asparagus, from My Humble Kitchen.

Freezing Asparagus

How to Freeze Asparagus from asparagus-lover.com.

Drying Asparagus

How to Dry Asparagus from asparagus-lover.com.

Order In Season Asparagus

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